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CHRYSLER 2013 Pacifica - complete report for the 2C4RC1BG9DR675517

Find out what you pay for buying a CHRYSLER Pacifica 2013 vehicle. Using a VIN report, you will never buy an unsafe vehicle. Do not overpay for unnecessary problems and check the history of the car
Model Pacifica
Year 2013
Vin 2C4RC1BG9DR675517
Engine KW 211.0331
AirBag Loc Front 1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
Rear Visibility System Standard
Fuel Type Primary Gasoline
Engine HP 283
Wheels 4
Curb Weight LB 4330
Series2 E (Economy)
Engine Configuration V-Shaped
Seats 7
Park Assist Yes
Adaptive Cruise Control Yes
Transmission Style Automatic
Brake System Type Hydraulic
Transmission Speeds 5

Selling cars today is a completely different experience than 20-25 years ago. Thanks to the VIN report, I can quickly get the entire history of the car and find out what can be hidden from me. Thanks for the work done.

Willie Powell

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