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CHEVROLET 2008 Silverado 1500 - complete report for the 3GCEK13Y18G132327

Find out what you pay for buying a CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 2008 vehicle. Using a VIN report, you will never buy an unsafe vehicle. Do not overpay for unnecessary problems and check the history of the car
Model Silverado
Year 2008
Vin 3GCEK13Y18G132327
NCSA Body Type 31
Valve Train Design Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC)
GV WR Class 1C: 4,001 - 5,000 lb (1,814 - 2,268 kg)
Vehicle Type TRUCK
Doors 2
Trim High Country
NCSA Make Chevrolet
Drive Type 4WD/4-Wheel Drive/4x4
Brake System Type Hydraulic
Engine Model L5P - Direct Injection, DURAMAX, GEN 5, VAR 1
Engine Configuration V-Shaped
Fuel Type Primary Diesel
Note Engines listed as flexible fuel do not necessarily mean the vehicle is equipped for flexible fuel.
Series 3500, High Country
Fuel Injection Type Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI)

Selling cars today is a completely different experience than 20-25 years ago. Thanks to the VIN report, I can quickly get the entire history of the car and find out what can be hidden from me. Thanks for the work done.

Willie Powell

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