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HONDA 2007 Pilot - complete report for the 5FNYF28187B014881

Find out what you pay for buying a HONDA Pilot 2007 vehicle. Using a VIN report, you will never buy an unsafe vehicle. Do not overpay for unnecessary problems and check the history of the car
Model Pilot
Year 2006
Vin 5FNYF28187B014881
Engine Cylinders 6
Displacement CI 212
Doors 5
Engine Model J35Z1
Fuel Type Primary Gasoline
Manufacturer HONDA MFG., ALABAMA., LLC.
Plant City Lincoln
Trim LX
Brake System Type Hydraulic
Transmission Speeds 5
Engine HP 244
Plant State Alabama
NCSA Make Honda
Displacement CC 3474.057568
Drive Type FWD/Front Wheel Drive
GV WR Class 1D: 5,001 - 6,000 lb (2,268 - 2,722 kg)
Transmission Style Automatic
Valve Train Design Single Overhead Cam (SOHC)
Plant Country United States (USA)
NCSA Model Pilot
Body Class Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)
Displacement L 3.474057568
Engine KW 181.9508
Model Year 2007
Engine Configuration V-Shaped
NCSA Body Type Large utility (ANSI D16.1 Utility Vehicle Categories and "Full Size" and "Large")

Selling cars today is a completely different experience than 20-25 years ago. Thanks to the VIN report, I can quickly get the entire history of the car and find out what can be hidden from me. Thanks for the work done.

Willie Powell

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